‘Without the internet I would be completely lost. Without the internet I WAS completely lost…It was a huge change…there was this extra world which I didn’t have access to before.’

– Sarah (Cryptographer and language designer) 

‘Queer people make better products.’

Lisa (Application developer)

Queer people influence the world of computing and the world of computing influences what it is to be Queer. Queer people have used and continue to use computers in all aspects of their lives. This project focuses on professional and personal lives, and, within each, explores what Queer people give to computing and what they take from it. The content draws on interviews I conducted with Queer people who work in computing in the UK, alongside previous academic and popular writing.

A good place to start exploring this website is by learning more about what queer means, or who has written about this subject in the past, or you can jump straight into learning about the personal or professional lives of Queer people who work in computing. You can also find out how I define computing, learn more about this project and the interviewsskip right to the end, get in touch with the author, find out why I don’t talk about Alan Turing, see the key findings without extended quotations or check out the reference list.

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