Who has written about Queer Computing?

At the time of this project, and to the knowledge of the author, there has been only one other academic study which covers this topic. This is an ongoing project by Dr Jacob Gaboury (Gaboury, 2015). Whereas I chose to interview Queer people currently working in computing, he chooses to focus on five Queer people who are already recognised as influential in the history of computing but whose work is rarely analysed in terms of Queer theory or sexuality. Gaboury also chooses five figures who are all cisgender (not trans) men, whereas my participants are all transgender and split between men, women, genderqueer and agender people. I did not set out to specifically interview trans people; however, the participants who responded to my social media advertising were mainly trans. They are all also not straight.

GabouryDr Jacob Gaboury

Click here to read the first in a series of articles he has published on the subject, this one discusses Alan Turing.

Click here to watch a lecture of him discussing his project.

There has also been some attention given to specific areas of computing in which LGBT people face discrimination, such as in universities (Mullins et al., 2010) or in video games (Shaw, 2009).

Find out how Queer people interact with computers in their personal lives or professional lives.