About this Project and the Interviews

The website is the product of a university project by Greta Williams Schultz from the University of Manchester. The information given was gathered through a mixture of secondary research and interviews with Queer people who work in computing (names and other identifiable information has been changed). The information is UK centric but may be interesting to people from other countries.

Me! Me! (Greta Williams Schultz)

There were six interviews, all of which were conducted in May 2015. The participants were found through an advert put out on social media. Everyone interviewed was living and working in the UK. They were chosen because they worked in computing; However, they all also used computers frequently in their personal lives. The participants are all transgender and are split between men, women, genderqueer and agender people. I did not set out to specifically interview trans people, but the participants who responded to my social media advertising were almost all trans. Everyone who expressed interest in the project was not heterosexual and they all lived in urban areas.

The questions which were asked were open ended and the resulting discussion went in different directions with different participants.

The participants:

Gemma, 30s, video game developer

Henry, 20s, application developer

Lisa, 20s, application developer

Robyn, 40s, programmer in multiple fields

Sarah, 40s, cryptographer and language designer

Tyler, 20s, software tools developer

Find out how the participants interact with computers in their personal lives or professional lives.