What is Computing?

In this project we will use the word ‘computing’ to mean any activity that people take part in through using computers. This specifically includes people using computers for leisure as well as for work. Computing occupations are diverse and cannot be considered as a single profession (Haigh, 2010, p. 67). I have tried to reflect this by choosing to interview people from a range of different computing professions, including application design, game design and cryptography

coverv2Computing Symbols

The word computing has been used for much longer than we have had electronic computers. In the Victorian era, a ‘computer’ was a person, ‘one who computes’ (Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, 2009, p. 30); however for the purposes of this project we will be restricting ourselves to the age of electronic computers, roughly from the second world war onwards.

Find out who is Queer or how Queer people interact with computers in their personal lives or professional lives.