Where is Alan Turing?

We all know the famous examples of queer people and technology; Turing, [stops to think,] well, we don’t know many others because it is not talked about.’

– Sarah (Cryptographer and language designer)

I chose not to include discussion of Alan Turing in this project. This is not because I don’t think that he and his memory have made an important contribution to queering computing. They certainly have. It is just that he and his legacy have been discussed many times before, to the extent that they tend to dominate the discussion of all queer people in computing.

alanAlan Turing

If you google ‘Queer Computing’, (at least on 20/05/2015,) then all but one of the results on the first page discuss Turing, and in many cases he is the primary focus of the writing. If you have not heard of Turing then I strongly suggest you research his life, work, and legacy; however, I won’t be mentioning him much here.

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